Barbarian Rage


Joria: War of the GodsEdit

"When the Gods created us, we worshiped them. When they warred and forsook us, it was our blood and tears that allowed us to survive. When they returned and demanded tribute, we questioned everything. Now we march under a new banner. One free of tyranny and injustice. A symbol of hope in times when the land is ravaged by war and famine. We are the Wartrotters and the Gods will tremble when our chains are broken!"

Sevellian Amberhaven - Wartrotter Troubadour

A D&D 4th Edition CampaignEdit

Created on June 27th, 2011, Joria is a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition game based in our own unique world through contributions from the players. We started at level two by incorporating our first adventure from the D&D Essentials Dungeon Master box set and have gone on to use Gardmore Abbey in addition to custom created content.

Based out of Richmond, B.C., Canada, our roleplaying group has been gaming together in countless different worlds and galaxies for several years and it all goes down each Monday night. Our aim in creating this Wiki is to provide a library of online information that anyone can see and that will hopefully inspire other Dungeon Masters and players with their own games, or even motivate them to participate in the world of Joria!